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Hello there! On the internet I call myself TxT or often TheTxT or some variant thereof (please be smarter at picking names than me).

This is my little space on the world wide web, with a blog, a list of my current projects and some more information about me.

Featured blog post:

2023-12-14: What I learned from running a public Minecraft server

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active: 2021-present

tech: rust with actix-web on the backend, nuxtjs on the frontend

Dukatia is a personal finance manager I have been working on since about 2 years.

It is still far from done, although plans for the eventual 1.0 release are starting to materialize slowly.

The idea to work on it came to me because I really needed to replace an old excel sheet I used to use for managing my finances as it grew out of control.

I also documented part of the development process in a series of youtube videos.