TxT's website

These are some of my projects I have been working over the past few years!


active: 2021-present

tech: rust with actix-web on the backend, nuxtjs on the frontend

Dukatia is a personal finance manager I have been working on since about 2 years.

It is still far from done, although plans for the eventual 1.0 release are starting to materialize slowly.

The idea to work on it came to me because I really needed to replace an old excel sheet I used to use for managing my finances as it grew out of control.

I also documented part of the development process in a series of youtube videos.


active: 2023-present

tech: rust

Trest is a little tool I wrote to help me test the json rest api of Dukatia.

All its configuration is stored in a single json file, which makes it relatively straight forward. The trest binary itself is also very small at not even a megabyte. This makes it perfect for integrating into a CI pipeline.


active: 2019-2022

tech: pure javascript and later typescript running on node for the backend/discord bot and vanilla javascript, later react and then nuxtjs on the frontend

Paxterya was a minecraft server I ran together with a good friend of mine.

Although the minecraft server itself doesn't exist anymore, the website still contains world downloads, screenshots and some more information.

Apart from keeping the server running I also did a lot of software development to create things like an application process that automatically whitelisted players upon being accepted into the server. I also did some work to make in-game statistics available on the website and through a discord bot.

All the software created for it was open-source. There are two repositories to check out: One for the website and discord bot and another one for the minecraft plugin.


active: 2021

tech: java

NoBsHeads is a small minecraft plugin I created to make it easier for players to get access to custom heads for decoration purposes.

Minecraft allows you to get the heads of every player as a physical block in the game, but only through console commands. Many players exist that have specific art as the head on their skin, which is very useful to add details to minecraft worlds.

With NoBsHeads players can use crafting recipes or buy heads, both options being fully customizable by the server operator.

The plugin itself isn't really finished, only reaching a stage of "good enough" for the Paxterya minecraft server I ran while creating the plugin.

You can read more about the practice of using heads for decoration on the minecraft heads website.

TxT's Karmabot

active: 2020

tech: pure javascript running on nodejs for the website backend and discord bot, nuxtjs on the frontend

TxT's Karmabot is a discord bot I created to bring the fun of collecting karma to discord. If other members in a server react to your messages with predefined upvote or downvote emojis you gain or lose karma.

I never did a lot of work to promote it, apart from listing it on top.gg where some other server admins seem to have discovered it. On its website you can view public stats or sign in to see your personal stats too.

The website just kinda dies after running for a while though, so its often unavailable until I notice and restart it.

I do plan on redoing the entire project from the ground up in the future, because I feel like there is some potential to a simple bot that only allows users to vote on each others content. In a rewrite I would focus on better stability and scalability. I also would add support for discords slash-commands which didn't exist back when I originally created TxT's Karmabot.

This project is also open-source and available on github.